Professional Eyelash Extensions from Lavish Lashes

Professional Eyelash Extensions that Look, Feel and Wear like your own Beautiful Lashes.   eyelashes2

Is an exciting new product and technique for thicker, longer and naturally abundant looking eyelashes. Eyelashes are made thicker and longer through professional application of an individual synthetic eyelash directly attached to the natural eyelash with a specially formulated bonding agent.  Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent, lasting 4-6 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural lashes and other factors.  Though the average cycle of a single lash is about 80 days, factors such as your eyelash characteristics, lifestyle, and general care of your lashes will affect how long you maintain them.

FULL SET : $200



1. Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes with mild, oil free cleanser before your appointment.
2. Do no use oil based makeup removers to clean your lashes prior to the application.
3. Do not put on any mascara.
4. If you wear contacts, remove the lenses and wear glasses to your appointment or bring a lens cases and remove them when you arrive to your appointment
5. Plan to set aside between 2 to 3 hours for your appointment.  This is a very relaxing procedure, most of our clients fall asleep during the process.
6. No water around your eye area, steam of any kind fro the first 48-hours.

**You can purchase from us our “Lavish Lash” Mascara that is water-based and is specifically used for Eyelash Extensions.



*Prices are subject to change without notice.